Glynis Hayne (nee Fester)


Won the Miss RSA title 7th May 1977



Glynis was born in Cape Town, South Africa on the 14 March 1958, the eldest daughter of Alfred and Marg Fester.

It was tumultuous times in South Africa as Glynis grew up with apartheid in full swing.

From a middle class background with both parents involved in education and business, Glynis had a happy childhood and paid little attention to political upheaval taking place around her. Although as a youngster she does remember feeling a little hurt and disappointed when she was told she was not able to buy an ice-cream at a kiosk as they did not serve coloureds or blacks. Another memory of the time she carries is being caught up in the riots of 1976 when on the way home from school she was a teenager and had to drive her father's car for the first time trying to avoid the riot police shooting at people running across the path of the car to safety.

Having what was a typical education for a person of her background Glynis went to Silverlea Primary School and then Athlone High School matriculating.

A fun loving girl, Glynis had an interest in sport from a very early age and was an athlete of note following in the footsteps of her father and was an A Grade and State hockey player. Glynis started ballet at a late age for any dancer that being fifteen years of age, but displayed an ability which saw her win the Senior Dance Section of the Cape Town Eisteddford only eighteen months after starting. Glynis attained her Royal Ballet Elementary Certificate 3 years later.

Glynis' big break came in 1977 when her father suggested she might like to enter a Miss Lovely Legs competition run by the Rapport Newspaper.

It's now all history as Glynis won this competition, went into the Miss RSA competition which she won and then represented South Africa at the 1977 Miss Universe Pageant held in the Dominican Republic. In what turned out to be a strange coincidence Glynis roomed with Miss Australia, Jill Minahan, with no idea she too would one day be proud to call Australia home.

After returning to South Africa, Glynis carried out her official duties as Miss RSA which saw her travel all over the country combining these with her attending the University of Cape Town where she studied ballet and dance. Unfortunately due to injury she was advised to give up dance as a career. A stint with the Moscow Circus was in the offering but a life as a gypsy was not something Glynis was really looking forward to and instead became the Public Relations Officer for one of Cape Town's five star hotels.

Unhappy with the political situation in South Africa and wanting to give their three children a better lifestyle, Glynis' parents decided to emigrate to Australia eventually settling in Emu Plains in 1980.

Then occurred what Glynis feels is the only sad chapter in her life in 1980 - an unhappy marriage and move to Queensland. However, this lasted a short time and Glynis returned to Sydney.

Quite by chance through her father Glynis met Doug Hayne a local school teacher and sports administrator and after a worldwind courtship, Glynis and Doug married on New Year's Even 1983 sharing their wedding day with Glynis' sister Natalie.

Originally a rugby union fan, Glynis was converted to Rugby League by husband Doug and is an ardent Panther fan. An activist for club reform, Glynis along with her husband Doug have campaigned to have more member participation in the decision making process of of their beloved Panthers' Club. As part of an awareness campaign, Glynis ran a team of women for the Panthers Board of Directors.

Involvement in the Western Week-ender newspaper led Glynis to be a contributor and to this day Glynis writes a weekly golf column. Glynis can play a mean game of golf and has a hole-in-one credited to her.

Her concern with a deteriorating law and order situation caused her to become involved in politics during the mid eighties. Glynis then stood for Federal Parliament in 1987.

Following husband Doug into Education Glynis became School Admin Manager in 1998. In recent times Glynis accepted a position as a Union Organiser with the Public Service Association looking after School Administrative Support Staff in the Northern Beaches, Bondi, Ryde areas. Glynis' movement to the union was not unexpected as over the year she had been involved in campaigning for the improved status and conditions of SAS staff. Glynis has since terminated her secondment and returned to her school. However, Glynis is frequently asked to take on other administration and management projects with the Department of Education and Training.

Glynis and Doug are both accomplished rosarians and have won many prizes at shows with their roses, their most recent successes being at the Royal Easter Show. Glynis is also the most senior female Rose Judge in New South Wales.

Glynis and Doug do not have children but enjoy their nephews and niece who are children of Glynis' siblings, Natalie and Robin.


The African Queen


The tradional swimsuit pose taken at Signal Hill - Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.

Promo photo - used for advertising visits and autographs taken at Signal Hill - Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.



On stage during the competition at the Miss Universe Pageant in 1977 held Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 17 July 1977.



In the national costume for the Miss Universe Pageant. - Gold dress representing the gold in South Africa, the beading representing
its wealth in diamonds, the ostrich feathers for it national bird and the design of the headdress for representing the sunshine of the land.

With Glynis are - Left - Lydia Johnson (Miss Africa South - World 1976),Pearl Jansen (Miss Africa South -
World 1970 and First Runner-up Miss World 1970) in the background is Vanessa Wannenberg (Miss South Africa 1977 -
World) These photos were taken in November 1979 which saw a reunion of the past Miss RSA and Miss South Africa
and Miss Africa South titleholders of the 70's at the opening of South Africa's largest shopping complex of the time.



With Glyis are - Left - Pearl Jansen (Miss Africa South - World 1970 and First Runner-up Miss World 1970) and
Vera Johns (Miss South Africa 1978- World) in the background left are Veronica Wilson (Miss South Africa 1978 - World),
Vanessa Wannenberg and Gail Anthony (Miss RSA 1975 - Universe)